40 Badass Dog Names in 2022

Dog names could be fun-filled, strong, and bold. If you would be getting solid dogs like the Mastiff, give them badass dog names that go with their personality.

However, if you are getting a cute little dog, a funny, cute, sassy name is cool. Whatever the case may be, there are more than 50 dog names you can choose from here.

Below is the list of dog names you might be interested in:

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Badass male dog names

If you have a male dog or are hoping to get one and need a name for it, you are at the perfect place. Here is a list of male dog names compiled for you.


This name has to do with something bright, intense, and dangerous. However, it would fit a powerful and dangerous male dog.

1. Blaze

This name has to do with something bright, intense, and dangerous. However, it would fit a powerful and dangerous male dog.

2. Ajax

Ajax was the Greek mythology hero that held off the trojan army. So, naming your fierce dog after a strong personality should not be a bad idea.

3. Danger

There is no other badass dog name that is cooler than DANGER. One of the badass names you can name your german shepherd is DANGER.

4. Goliath

Naming your dog after the giant in the Bible is a great idea. Goliath would surely go well for a very tall dog like the Irish Wolf Hound.

5. Pyro

Pyro is the short form for Pyromaniac, which means constantly feeling the compulsion to set things on fire. A very fierce dog should bear this name.

6. Samson

Samson is the strong man in the Bible story. This name is one of the badass male dog names.

7. King

Nobody should ever toy or mess with royalty. It is one of the perfect black dog names.

8. Hades

Hades was the name of the god that guarded the underworld. Even, it was the name of the underworld itself.

9. Maverick

You can give this name to a solid and independent dog because the term “Maverick” means a separate being. You can provide your pitbull dog that name.

10. Rock

This name was inspired by a tough Slyvester Stallone character, Rocky Balboa.

11. Spike

This name is one of the unique dog names. It sounds so cute and badass, right. Spike is suitable for a hunting dog because it is in correlation with sports.

12. Titan

Titan means so many things, like a vast and brave being. Moreover, you can name your tall and huge dog “Titan.”

13. Viper

Viper sounds like a stingy name, scary too.

14. Hercules

Hercules was the god of merchants and traders, and people also worshipped him because he rescued them from danger. An excellent name for your fierce dog, isn’t it?

15. Boss

Why not just name your boy dog “boss” if it has authoritarian personalities?

16. Bolt

Bolt is a pretty good name for a fast and fiery dog, naming it after the quickest runner, Usain Bolt.

17. Bullet

This name is one of the suitable boy dog names for a fast-running dog.

18. Beast

Because every tough, fierce, dangerous, and scary being is a beast. What better name can you give a tall, fearful, and colossal dog than Beast? A guard dog deserves the title.

19. Ammo

Ammo is the short form for Ammunition, which means the material dropped from any weapon. So, it is a solid and badass dog name.

20. Floyd

Floyd is the name of a solid professional boxer that has won so many fights. It is not a bad idea if your dog is named after him.

Female badass dog names

The fact that your dog is female doesn’t mean its name has to be all cute and cuddly. They can be challenging and fierce as well.

However, we have compiled a list of badass female dog names you will surely love.

1. Hera

Hera is a goddess from Greek that has a stubborn streak.

2. Diva

Diva is a perfect name for a dog with a little bit of attitude.

3. Queenie

Queenie sounds all cute and fun. Isn’t it a sweet name to call your dog? After all, she’s a beauty to behold.

4. Sheba

Sheba was a queen in the ancient days. It’s no bad idea to name your dog after her.

5. Xena

Xena means the warrior princess. It is arguably one of the best female dog names. It would be best if you gave this name to a solid female dog.

6. Diamond

Diamond is all bright and pleasing to the eyes. However, it would help if you considered giving your female puppy dog this name.

7. Raven

This name is perfect for a dark-colored girl dog. It sounds fantastic, right.

8. Sable

This name sounds pleasing and cool to the ears. It is remarkable for a female puppy.

9. Starbuck

The badass character in Battlestar Galactica was Starbuck. So, you can also give your dog this badass name.

10. Trinity

Trinity is one of the girl dog names you can give to your female dog.

11. Pepper

Pepper is one funny and sassy name you can give to your female dog with some attitude.

12. Shadow

You know how fast you will run when you are asked to catch a shadow, right? It is how fast some dogs can run. So, this name fits a fast female dog.

13. Justice

Justice sounds so badass, right. Any female dog that will bear this name should be fierce.

14. Huntress

This name is the female name for Hunter. Name your new dog Huntress.

15. Gamora

Gamora is a tough character from the Marvel comics.

16. Leia

Nobody ever doubted Princess Leia’s powers. You should give this name to your dog if you can compare its power to Princess Leia’s.

17. Katie

This name is not bad for a small and all-cute female dog.

18. Medusa

Medusa was a monster that had wings and snakes disguising as hair. It was so powerful. Therefore, you can name your dog after Medusa.

19. Storm

Storm can be described as a disturbance to an environment. If your dog has some attitude, this name will go well with it.

20. Annie

A little peaceful dog should take this name.

Other dog names include

  1. Duke
  2. Diesel
  3. Captain
  4. Ghost
  5. Hawk
  6. Lex
  7. Mark
  8. Major
  9. Zelda
  10. Zander
  11. Fighter-culled dog names

Here is a list of dog names culled from the famous and great fighters

  1. Ali
  2. Diamond
  3. Hogan
  4. Jackson
  5. Jericho
  6. Jab
  7. Mick
  8. Oscar
  9. Razor

This list has the most incredible, rugged, and badass dog names you could ever get. I hope you have gotten one or two great names to give your dog from all the badass names listed here.

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