Can Dogs Eat Figs?

Can Dogs Eat Figs?
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If you are a pet owner, it will go without saying that you love your pets. More often than not, you will be curious about your pets’ diet.

Of course, the diet plan varies depending on which pet you own. If it is a dog, there is no exception. Have you been wondering: “Can dogs eat figs”? Well, the good news is yes. Dogs can eat figs.

Nevertheless, before you include figs in your dog’s diet, there are some health benefits and risks simultaneously.

You need to ensure that you are aware of them. In turn, it will make you certain that you are not causing any risk to your dog’s health by feeding him figs.

Can Dogs Eat Figs?

If you are wondering if dogs can eat figs or not, we have got good news for you. Luckily, the answer is yes. Figs are nutritionally beneficial for dogs; thus, they get the same benefits from fresh and dried figs as humans.

It is pertinent to mention here that dried figs are active ingredients in dog foods and add up to the digestion, growth, and overall health of dogs.

However, the amount of dried figs in standard dog foods is much less than you might think, indicating that you need to feed ‘quite a few doses of figs’ if you want to get all the benefits of figs.

Thus, dried and fresh figs are healthy for dogs if given in a small and standard amount. Overeating dried and fresh figs may cause digestion issues in your dogs.

Similarly, the fig plant itself can irritate your dog’s skin. Given the rough nature of the fig leaves, fig plants may leave scars and scratches on your dog’s face and other body parts.

The short answer to the question “Can dogs eat figs” is yes. They definitely can. And they have health benefits as well. But you must ensure that you follow the precautions that come with it.

For example, you must ensure that your dog does not overeat dried and fresh figs. Likewise, you have to be careful that your dog’s skin does not get affected by the scratchy leaves of the fig plant.

What are the Health Benefits of Figs For Dogs?

Now that you are sure about the question “Can dogs eat figs,” the next curiosity you may have could be the health benefits of giving figs to your dog.

It turns out that figs can help cure numberless diseases in your dog. Simultaneously, figs can also boost the overall health of your dog.

Here are some of the prominent health benefits of giving figs to your dog:

  • Giving a standard amount of figs to your dog can potentially cure constipation in your dog.
  • Figs can boost your dog’s digestion process, and in turn, it will make your dog healthier and more proactive.
  •  Figs are rich in potassium. If your dog has hypertension or chronic potassium deficiency, figs can be of great help.
  • A standard amount of figs can boost the immune system of your dog.

With all these health benefits, it is still a safe call to reach out to your vet and investigate giving figs to your dog. This will ensure your dog does not encounter the potential risks of eating figs.

Likewise, it is a good idea to ask your vet, “Can dogs eat figs?”

How to Feed Figs to Dogs Safely?

As mentioned earlier, figs are safe for dogs and have numerous nutritional benefits. But it should be in a normal amount. In other words, too many figs are bad for dogs.

Thus, if you overdose your dog with an abundant amount of figs, you negate the health benefits of figs and put your dog at a major health risk.

So, first thing first. Do not overdose your dog with figs. Instead, include a standard amount of figs in your dog’s food. Consequently, your dog will get all the major health benefits of figs.

Again, we recommend contacting your vet and asking about the safety measures. And do not forget to ask your vet: “Can dogs eat figs”? Or, “What are the health benefits and risks of giving figs to my dog”?

Generally speaking, giving your dog a small quantity of figs is always a fantastic idea. This would mean two or three figs thrice or twice a day.

One of the main reasons is that figs contain sugar and fiber, and Excessing either of the two is bad for your dog’s health. So, keep it as small as possible.

What are the ‘No No Signs’ of Figs?

Apart from asking, “Can dogs eat figs,” a worth asking question is: “What are the allergic signs of figs?” It is a good practice to notice the allergic signs of figs in your dog.

For instance, as you include a small number of figs – one or two a week – keep an eye on the reactions.

Some of the allergic signs of figs are:

  • Your dog itches and gets irritated.
  • Red eyes.
  • Itchy skin and rashes.
  • Rashes in the mouth of your dog.
  • Digestion issues and constipation.
  • Abnormal wheezing and sneezing. 

These are the major ‘No No Signs’ of figs. If your dog shows any of these symptoms, it is better to avoid figs. It is pertinent to mention here that some minor allergic reactions in dogs gradually become major ones.

At this stage, it is a worthwhile idea to reach out to your vet and take all the recommended precautions.

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