5 Different Types of German Shepherd Dogs

Different Types of German Shepherd Dogs
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One of the most well-known dog breeds in the world is the German Shepherd. However, did you know there are different types of German Shepherd Dogs? 

Despite their immense popularity, most people are unaware that German Shepherds can be classified as either show or working lines. 

Additionally, German Shepherds from working lines are only bred for work and will never compete. On the other hand, show line German Shepherds are born to rule in the ring. 

German Shepherds come in various coat colors and patterns, though the black and tan variety is the most popular. 

A German Shepherd is an excellent option if you want a dog that is devoted, submissive, and easy to teach. They are different German Shepherds dogs based on their outward appearance, coat color, and pattern. 

While the morphological characteristics of each kind differ, all are regarded as belonging to the German Shepherd Dog breed. 

1. West-German Working Line German Shepherds

West-German Working Line German Shepherd Dogs were developed by the German Shepherd Club of America (GSCA) in the early 1900s. 

The GSCA was formed to help promote the health and welfare of purebred German Shepherds. These dogs were created to be used as police, search and rescue, and military service dogs.  

Today, these dogs are still used for many of those same purposes. West-German Working line German Shepherds are known for their strong, muscular build and large heads. 

Their coats have a medium-length, dense undercoat and an outer layer of short hair. This German Shepherd has a white blaze on its chest and face. 

2. East-German Working Line German Shepard

East-German Working Line Germans Shepherds are also one of the different types of German Shepherd Dogs. They are also called “Kobold” or “Black Shepherds.” Additionally, East-German Working line German Shepard Dogs were developed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the 1930s. 

In the 1960s, the AKC began promoting this new breed. Like West-German Working line German Shepherd Dogs, they were initially intended to be used as police dogs but now serve more as hunting dogs. 

Unlike West-German Working line dogs, East-German Working line German shepherds have a very long, thick double coat. 

This coat type is called “double-coated” because it consists of two layers of fur. The first layer is a soft, dense undercoat that protects them from cold weather. 

The second layer is a harsh outer coat that keeps them warm during colder months. The outer coat is usually longer than the undercoat. 

3. White German Shepherd Dogs

White German Shepherd Dogs are another common variety of German Shepherd. These dogs have light-colored coats with a white blaze on their chests. 

White German Shepherd Dogs are often referred to as “Frenchies” due to their French Bulldog ancestry. It is an American-bred variety of German Shepherd, the White German Shepherd.

Furthermore, the beautiful white-coated German Shepherds are uncommon but have a dense, fluffy coat. Although a recessive gene causes the white hue, it is unrelated to albinism and is not associated with any additional health problems. 

Remember that white German Shepherds can still make fantastic family pets despite not being recognized and unable to compete in show rings. 

4. Czech Working Lines German Shepherds

These dogs are bred specifically for working lines. Their coats are shorter than others and have a distinct color pattern. 

They are primarily white with tan markings around their eyes, muzzle, ears, and paws. Czechs are a little more agile because they are thinner than other working lines. The working lines typically grow at the slowest rate of maturity. 

In addition, they used to be the greatest hunter-gatherers, which resulted in their high stamina and agility. Regarding appearance, they typically have an “agouti” coat, which is a blend of tan and black tones. 

They are still hard-wired for employment even though this line has softened over the years. 

Therefore, if you choose a Czech puppy, good breeding is essential to guarantee a temperament appropriate for your family’s needs. Having the right outlets is necessary. 

5. Panda German Shepherds

Rounding off our list of different types of German Shepherd Dogs is the Panda German Shepherd. Panda German Shepherds are purebred German Shepherds with white markings on their coats due to a rare genetic abnormality. 

According to research, the panda pattern is caused by a dominant gene rather than collies or other spotted breeds when they are crossed. 

Additionally, the lips, belly, and chest of a panda German Shepherd will be white. The back and legs will be black. Contrary to widespread assumption, these canines have similar levels of health and agility to “conventional” German Shepherds. 

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