30+ French Bulldog Names for Your Pooch

The French Bulldog has a long history. The English lacemakers who brought them to France gave them their “Frenchie” moniker.

However, this article discusses French Bulldog names for your Bulldog. But before we dive into that, let us take a glimpse at the characteristics and traits of a French Bulldog.

This information is for people who plan to get a French bulldog.

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About French Bulldogs

Originally from England, the French Bulldog was a miniature version of the Bulldog.

Lace workers in Nottingham were the owners of many bulldogs, and when they moved to France for better opportunities, they took their little dogs with them.

With a muscular body and a small frame, the French Bulldog is a powerful dog. A short, carefree coat complements his easygoing personality.

While Frenchie enjoys playing, it is equally enjoyable for him to spend his days relaxing on the sofa.


  • Although French Bulldogs do not require much exercise, they do require daily walks to maintain healthy body weight.
  • The French Bulldog may not be the right dog for you if you value cleanliness, as he is prone to drooling, flatulence, and some shedding, among other traits. In addition, he can be a challenge to housebreak.
  • As a companion dog, the French Bulldog puppy flourishes when he is around people. It is a breed that cannot be left alone for long periods or left to live in the open.
  • They can be easy to train, but they can also be obstinate and difficult. Train this dog with firmness and patience.
  • The French Bulldog isn’t known for barking like a quiet breed, but there are exceptions to every rule.
  • Pet owners need to watch their French Bulldog on hot days to make sure he doesn’t overexert himself.

French Bulldog Names

This list of French Bulldog names is perfect for you if you have a Frenchie, as people affectionately call them.

However, we’ve compiled a list of adorable names for French Bulldogs.

Male French Bulldog Names

The English Bulldog is the breed’s ancestor. The sport of bull-baiting went out of date in 1835. So, the boy dog became a companion dog breed instead of a sporting breed.

To reduce their size, some of them were bred with terriers, while others with pugs.

However, they displaced people as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and some of them went to France with their Miniature Bulldogs.

It didn’t take long for English breeders to start sending over Bulldogs that they thought were too small or had defects such as erect ears, and the French couldn’t get enough of these adorable pups.

We’ve compiled a list of male French Bulldog names to celebrate their endurance.

  1. Arnie: This means eagle power.
  2. Bruno: This means brown.
  3. Buster: It means the tough guy.
  4. Dennis: The follower of Dionysius.
  5. Gus: This means Great.
  6. Louie: It means warrior.
  7. Max: The greatest.
  8. Matty: The gift of God.
  9. Milo: Soldier.
  10. Ollie: An army of elves.
  11. Shiloh: It means peace.
  12. Winston: Means Joy stone.

Female French Bulldog Names

Below is the list of beautiful female dog names. These names are perfect if you have a female Frenchie. So, read on!

  1. Annie: It means Merciful.
  2. Coco: This means chocolate bean.
  3. Bella: Bella means beautiful.
  4. Emma: Universe.
  5. Harley: Wood.
  6. Lulu: Popular warrior.
  7. Lilo: It means Generous.
  8. Maggie: Pearl.
  9. Mable: Meaning Lovable.
  10. Millie: Ambitious.

Other Cute French dog Names

  • Abe: Short form for Abraham.
  • Ace: A card (playing card).
  • Abbott: A U.S photographer.
  • Addie: Adeline.
  • Precious: It means valuable.
  • Porter: Someone who carries baggage.
  • Prince: Meaning son of a prince.
  • Princess:  Means a female member of a royal family.
  • Zeke: A short form for Ezekiel.
  • Zora: It also means Aurora.
  • Zelda: It is a town in Somaliland.
  • Zoe: In Greek, it means life.
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