How to Take Care of an American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo Dog (also called the “Eskie”) is an exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly, and energetic breed of Spitz, known for its rich white or cream coat.

The breed is among the many indoor breeds you can have.

The breed’s progenitors were German Spitz, but due to anti-German sentiment during the First World War, it was renamed.

The general care and wellbeing of American Eskimo dogs can require a considerable amount of time, which will need frequent physical exercise.

Here is how to take care of your Eskimo companion.

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Treatment and health check-up

American Eskie needs a lifetime of medical check-ups and treatment. You will take them to a veterinarian when you first get your dog home to be checked for any future health issues. Fortunately, with minimal complications, Eskies are regarded as happy pets.

Be mindful that certain health issues may not become known until your puppy is fully grown. Many of the disorders that eskies may be vulnerable to include:

Deficiency in pyruvate kinase is an enzyme deficiency that can cause dog anemia. Symptoms include weakness, murmurings of the heart, or lethargy.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a genetic disorder that causes dogs to lose vision slowly.

In some cases, it can occur in a puppy as early as six months. Hip dysplasia is a deformation that may cause arthritis in dogs or joint disease.

This is likely that affected dogs continue to walk or lose their balance.

How to exercise an American Eskimo dog

American Eskimo Dogs require enough regular exercise to be able to keep in shape, refresh their brains, and preserve their health.

Regular exercise often helps American Eskimo dogs escape loneliness, which can also make them exhibit naughty actions.

Getting out and about will satisfy other instinctual impulses made by your American Eskimo dog to dig, retrieve, pursue, chew, and herd.

Specific fitness preferences may depend on the age and wellbeing of your American Eskimo, but even a few walks around the block once a day and ten minutes behind the house may not be enough.

If your American Eskimo dog is a six to eighteen-month-old, her criteria are likely to be comparatively higher.

How to groom an American Eskimo dog

Such dogs require mild to regular treatment in terms of shedding and drooling. The shedding of American Eskimo Dog is very heavy, but drooling isn’t a concern.

With this breed, shedding is natural (and relatively abundant) as a Spitz.

Eskies have dense, double-layered coats that shed quite a bit, so owners would need to brush them 4-5 times a week to minimize the number of shed hairs and also to avoid mats and tangles.

Hair cleaning; vacuuming the floors and lint rollers on clothes and furniture, will be a relatively daily chore for certain dog owners.

The good thing is Eskies, rarely drool. When the American Eskimo Dog drools regularly, that may be a symptom of a medical condition, in which case you need a veterinarian for treatment.

How to feed an American Eskimo dog

Good quality organic dog food for growing American Eskimo dogs offers a well-balanced diet that can be supplemented with canned food, water, or broth.

Your American Eskimo can also love cottage cheese, cooked eggs, fruits, and vegetables. American Eskimo pups will be served high-quality, brand-name dog food.

Nonetheless, please restrict “table food” because it can induce vitamin and mineral imbalances, teeth, and bone problems, and can contribute to some highly finicky eating habits and obesity.

American Eskimo puppies aged 8 to 12 weeks need four bowls of food every 24 hours.

Feed 3 to 6-month-old American Eskimo puppy three meals a day.

Feed puppies six months to a year over a 24-hour cycle of two bowls of food.

Once your American Eskimo dog hits it the first year, usually one bowl over twenty-four hours is all that’s required.

Nevertheless, some American adult Eskimo dogs choose two lighter meals. You have to know the feeding routine for your American Eskimo puppy.


American Eskimos require a cozy, comfortable place to relax away from any drafts and the ground or floor.

You may want to buy a puppy bed, or make one out of a box of wood. Place a clean towel, mattress, comforter, or pillow as cushioning into bed.

Clean the bedding sometimes for your American Eskimo.

When your American Eskimo dog spends a lot of time outside, make sure your Eskimo has lots of cool water when it’s hot outside, and a protected, clean, dry shelter.

In conclusion, the American Eskimo dog is a people pleaser, the best to have especially when you have limited space.

They are the true definition of man’s best friend; if you are lucky to have one, treat them well because they deserve the best dog owners.

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