40 Korean Dog Names and Their Meanings

It’s hard to beat the Korean peninsula for a dog name that highlights its unique culture and booming economy!

It is why this article discusses Korean dog names you could give to your dog.

Only a few places in the world can boast such a diverse landscape, with coastal and mountainous views spanning the entire country.

Most names have specific and meaningful translations. Thus, making the Korean language both beautiful and unique in its own right.

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About Korean Dog Breeds

Before moving to the main article, let us talk about some Korean breeds in existence.

  • Saspali: A native of the Korean peninsula, the Sapsali, is known for his shaggy coat. The breed name loosely translates to “ghost hunter,” referring to the breed’s original purposes.
  • Jindo: Jindo is a South Korean breed that is popular for its pointed ears and stocky build. However, AKC recognizes this Korean dog breed. They still roam the island of Jindo, located off the southwest coast of Korea, where it originated.
  • Korean Jindo: The Korean Jindo is Korea’s most famous dog breed. This Spitz-type dog is a medium-sized Jindo, and it is bred in Japan. The Korean government has designated this dog as their 53rd national treasure through an ordinance. Korean Kennel Federation and the Jindo Dog Guild of Korea register and certify the Jindo dog. The story of the loyal Baekgu cannot be forgotten. This dog returned to its master after a seven-month journey covering 300 kilometers. Baekgu came back battered and bruised, but he became a national hero in the process of overcoming his injuries.
  • Korean Dosa: In Korea, there is a large breed of Mastiff-type dog known as the Korean Mastiff or Dosa Dog. Koreans call this dog Mee Kyun Dosa, which is one of several Korean names for it. This dog is not recognized by international kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club. The Dosa dog is one of the world’s rarest dog breeds.

Unisex Korean Dogs

Whether you have a male or female Korean pooch, you can give him or her any of the names below.

  • Gyeong – means respect.
  • Jae – This name means talent.
  • Iseul – It means dew.
  • Duri – It means two
  • Haneul – sky or heaven
  • Jeong – It means quiet.
  • Hwan – It has various meanings but can mean shine or happiness.
  • Ji – It means smart.
  • Hyeon – means clever or shining.

Female Korean Dog Names

  • Hana – means one.
  • Da-son – It means love.
  • So-Ra – This means conch smell.
  • Nari – Meaning Lily.
  • Hana – It means one.
  • Bora – purple
  • Areum – means beauty.
  • Eun-Ji – means kindness.
  • Min – It means smart.

Names for Male Korean Dogs

  • Ho-Seok – firm, heaven
  • Jong-Seok – This means eminent.
  • Hwan – means shining.
  • Su-won – means to defend.
  • Jae-Hee – also means shining.
  • Seung – means winning.
  • Tae-Hui – means excellent.
  • Suk – It means rock.
  • Seulgi -It means wisdom.
  • Yeo – means mildness.
  • U-Yeong – means glory.
  • Seo-Jin – It means omen.
  • Kyu – It means standard.
  • Min-ho – It means to be brave.

Names Based on Cities

  1. Daejeon: One of Korea’s most populous cities, is scientific and technological research and development center.
  2. Jebudo: Only accessible by the high tide twice daily, this small island off the coast of South Korea can be reached by a single road.
  3. Jinju: More than 1,000 years ago, Jinju was founded, making it one of Korea’s oldest and most historically significant cities.
  4. Udo: One of Korea’s most popular tourist destinations is an island whose name translates to “cow island.”
  5. Osan: In addition to being the name of a major US Air Force Base, it is also a Korean city.
  6. Jeju: Named after Jeju Island in South Korea, the Jeju dog is an endangered breed that almost went extinct in the 1980s but is now on the rebound thanks to preservation efforts.
  7. Taebaek: Major mountain range that runs the length of the Korean peninsula’s east coast.
  8. Busan: Known for its illustrious film industry and beautiful coastal scenery, this coastal city is South Korea’s second-largest.
  9. Gimpo: Between Incheon and the North Korean border, Gimpo is located in northwest South Korea.
  10. Asan: There are numerous hot springs in the city of Asan, which is located outside the capital city of Seoul.
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