19 Best Legume Free Dog Food

Legume Free Dog Food
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Most dogs are allergic to common food ingredients such as corn and wheat. It is hard to find quality legume free dog food that’s safe and healthy.

Fortunately, there’s now an alternative that not only satisfies your pup’s nutritional needs but also their taste buds! Made of all-natural ingredients, like chicken and sweet potatoes, the legume free dog food alternatives you’ll discover in this article will keep your pup happy and healthy all year long.

1. Natural Balance LID. Limited Ingredient Lamb And Brown Rice

This is the first on our list of legumes free dog food. At Natural Balance, our limited ingredient diet formulas are a healthy, wholesome, and economical choice for pets with special dietary needs.

Our LID formulas are grain free, contain few ingredients, and are packed with protein to keep your pet feeling full and satisfied.

For those pets that have sensitivities or allergies to certain proteins, Natural Balance offers a variety of alternate protein sources. Such as duck or venison, in addition to limited ingredient options. 

Also, offer recipes like our Grain Free Limited Ingredient Duck & Potato Formula or Grain Free Limited Ingredient Venison & Potato Formula, which have no grains at all.

These grain-free options can be especially important for pets with sensitivities or allergies related to grains like corn, wheat, and soy.

2. Purina Pro Plan 30/20 Formula

Pampered pooches are all about indulgence, and Purina Pro Plan 30/20 Formula understands that. This delicious, nutritionally complete, grain-free recipe is formulated to provide exactly what a growing, active dog needs.

Quality protein from beef and lamb meal for muscle building and energy; carbohydrates from potatoes for sustained energy; essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium for healthy bones; antioxidants to support immune function. 

Plus, it features real beef liver to help keep pups shiny and bright-eyed. The result is a tasty formula with the right ingredients—and fewer things that some dogs just can’t tolerate, like corn, wheat, or soy.

So ditch the dry kibble at feeding time and give your furry friend something they’ll go nuts over. A legume free dog food of all time. 

3. Farmina N&D Ocean Codfish & Orange

I like my dogs to be happy and healthy, so I always make sure they get the best. But even with all the different foods I feed them, it can be hard to find something right for each one of them.

When I came across Farmina N&D Ocean Codfish & Orange, I knew this was the perfect solution for me because it has no soy or rice – two ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in some breeds.

Plus, it’s full of delicious natural ingredients like sweet potatoes and green peas to provide plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals that help keep my pups looking and feeling their best. All this means more cuddles from my sweet fur babies (and less face licking)!

4. Merrick Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

It’s hard to find a wet legume free dog food that doesn’t contain corn or other legumes, but Merrick Grain-Free Wet Dog Food is the answer.

This wholesome and natural formulation is grain free with no artificial preservatives, flavor, colors, or sweeteners. 

That means it’s perfect for all dogs of all ages, including puppies and seniors. And because it’s made in small batches to ensure freshness, you can feel good knowing that what you feed your furry friends is natural and safe.

5. Purina Pro Plan Specialized Sensitive Skin

This recipe is not only grain-free but is also legume free dog food. Wheat and soy are two common ingredients in dog foods that often cause allergic reactions. 

Grain-free diets can be helpful for dogs with skin or digestive issues. Though this recipe is designed specifically for sensitive skin, it can be adapted to meet the needs of any dog with dietary restrictions.

6. American Natural Premium Chicken Meal

These have been in the pet industry for about 25 years, and they noticed that people had difficulty finding protein sources for their pets.

With the increase in allergies from grains and grain-based ingredients, it was getting harder and harder to find a protein source that wasn’t derived from grains. 

Meanwhile, they came up with an alternative option for pet owners looking for legume free dog food, and they found it! American Natural Premium Chicken Meal is a high-quality meat meal with no added fillers or artificial flavors. It’s perfect for those who want to avoid grains or gluten in their dog’s diet.

7. Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food

Today, more pet owners are looking for natural, healthy foods for their dogs. And while they’re trying to do what’s best for their pets, finding foods that meet their needs can be difficult. 

That’s why we created Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food with the right balance of protein, fiber, and essential nutrients. It’s made without any added sugar and is also gluten-free and soy-free.

8. Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Natural Grain-Free

Feeding a high-quality, protein-rich diet to our canine companions is one of the best gifts we can give them. And for many pet parents, the thought of feeding their beloved fur babies foods containing grains and legumes – which are common ingredients in commercial dry kibble – may be difficult to stomach. 

But there’s good news for those who want to feed their dogs healthy but grain-and-legume-free meals. There are now several grain-free and legume free dog food options available on the market, with more coming soon.

One option is Nutrish Just 6 Natural Grain-Free Recipe Dog Food. It contains six natural ingredients: lamb meal, peas, potatoes, oatmeal, canola oil, and dried egg whites – no grains or legumes here!

9. ZiwiPeak Beef Grain-Free Air-Dried

ZiwiPeak Beef Grain-Free Air Dried Dog Food is a great option for any pup who needs legume-free dog food.

The kibble is made with 100% pure and natural ingredients, including sustainably sourced New Zealand beef, which provides a flavor that dogs are sure to love.

The unique air drying process also means no wheat or corn, so the food is perfect for any pup who suffers from allergies.

ZiwiPeak offers different formulas, depending on what your furry friend needs. If they have skin problems and need a moisturizing diet, ZiwiPeak has you covered with their Skin & Coat formula.

Or, if your pup has an itchy belly and needs help digesting its food, try the Gastrointestinal Support formula.

10. VICTOR Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula

This offers a wide variety of products for dogs and cats and other pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. No matter what kind of pet you have, there’s something from VICTOR® to help them live the happy life they deserve. One of our top sellers is our VICTOR® Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula. 

This mix is made with high-quality animal proteins like chicken meal and egg whites for a complete protein package that your pet can rely on. It also contains omega 3&6 fatty acids from fish oil to keep its coat soft and shiny.

11. Nature’s Logic Canine Pork Meal

Dogs are carnivores and therefore require a meat protein diet. Unfortunately, feeding a dog a meat-only diet can lead to health issues such as osteoarthritis and kidney disease.

To combat these potential health risks, you may want to consider switching to a vegetarian, which is legume free dog food for your furry friend. 

A vegetarian diet is usually made up of grains and vegetables with some animal products (such as eggs or dairy). Vegans, on the other hand, do not eat any animal products whatsoever.

If you decide you would like to feed your dog something plant-based, there are many high-quality vegan foods on the market that offer nutritional benefits for your pet. One of these is Canine Caviar’s new legume free vegan Dog Food!

12. NomNom Fresh Dog Food

NomNom Fresh is a new healthy, delicious, fresh legume free dog food made from whole ingredients. We are the first company to focus on fresh, local ingredients for our dogs. Your pup deserves the best, and we’re here to provide it. 

The founders have always loved animals and wanted to make their lives better in any way possible. They knew that feeding their own pets healthier would be one step in the right direction.

13. Sport Dog Food Elite Series Sporting Grain-Free

Canines of all breeds, ages, and sizes have various dietary needs. To meet the specific needs of your furry friend, it offers Sport Dog Food Elite Series Sporting Grain-Free. 

Made from 98% human-grade ingredients, this formula is free from any animal byproducts or artificial preservatives and contains a blend of protein sources that include chickpeas and lentils for protein.

Feed Sport Dog Food Elite Series Sporting Grain-Free for optimal health and nutrition at least twice daily to provide the complete and balanced diet your canine companion requires.

14. Health Extension Original Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Brown rice and chicken are great, sustainable protein sources for dogs. The recipe is made with 95% organic ingredients and contains no soy, wheat, or corn. It is 100% grain-free and gluten-free.

Also, it contains no artificial preservatives, colorings, or flavorings.it  Is naturally preserved with coconut oil in a nitrogen flushed environment to prevent spoilage.

It Contains probiotics to help maintain healthy digestion and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health. And lastly Is made in the USA by a family-owned company that has been making pet foods since 1984

15. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey & Spinach

If you’re looking for a grain-free option with a robust protein and nutrient profile, look no further than Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey & Spinach.

This delicious and wholesome formula is made with real turkey as the ingredient, along with deboned chicken and lamb, peas, potatoes, carrots, apples, and spinach—all of which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Plus, it’s made without any grains or gluten, so it’s perfect for dogs with sensitivities or allergies to such ingredients. This great-tasting food is also an affordable option to feed your furry friend at only $3 per pound (or $2 per pound if you buy in bulk!).

16. Crave Chicken & Beef Pate Grain-Free

Crave Is a pet product company that offers dogs high-quality, grain-free, and gluten-free products. They have been in the industry for over 30 years and are committed to sourcing their ingredients from the highest quality suppliers.

They offer a product line of pates, biscuits, and treats with different flavors for any taste bud. Crave takes pride in creating healthy food with premium ingredients that are sourced responsibly. They are also legume free dog food. 

17. Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult

There are dangers in feeding your dog soybeans and other legumes. Not only is this food bad for your pup, but it’s also expensive – so switching over to Purina Pro Plan Savor was a no-brainer.

 It’s affordable and tasty, too! And you can trust that Purina doesn’t use those sneaky legumes in their recipe. That’s why I’m sticking with these meals for life!

18. Earthborn Holistic Unrefined Roasted Rabbit With Ancient Grains

Every animal deserves to have a full, happy life. Consequently, we take great care to ensure that all of our animals are raised in a healthy environment and treated with respect.

All of our farmers and ranchers use sustainable practices that protect the earth while still providing nutritious meat for our dogs.

As you may know, some pet foods contain soybeans and other legumes. These ingredients are typically used as cheap fillers or texturizers, but they can also include poisons like pesticides or herbicides from the agricultural growing process. 

However, Earthborn Holistic does not use fillers like soybeans or grains in our formulas because we believe that these ingredients are not necessary for a complete diet for your dog.

19. Natural Balance L.I.D Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato

Many pet owners are switching to grain-free diets for their dogs as a way to help alleviate the effects of allergies and skin irritations.

We know that these diets are not always an option, so we wanted to create an alternative with all of the great benefits of a grain-free diet without any of the grains. 

Fortunately, meet Natural Balance L.I.D Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato Formula Dry Dog Food. All natural ingredients, no grains, and made in a human-grade facility, legume free dog food. We think you’ll agree that this is one heck of a tasty meal for your furry friend.


Whether you’re vegan, allergic to legumes, or just looking to give your dog something different, this Legume free dog food review will help you pick the right food for your pup. 

Even though there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options out there that humans can eat. It’s important to do your research if you want to find legume free dog food for your pet.

With so many brands and products available, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your pet’s needs and budget. Luckily, we did all the heavy lifting, so you won’t have to!

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