Steps to Apply Ear Drops in Dogs

Apply Ear Drops in Dogs

Applying ear drops in dogs can be done by following these simple rules:

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Handle with care

In an ideal world, your dog would be used to having his ear maintained while he was a puppy. It’s necessary to get dogs used to us when they’re young to maintain and inspect their ears.

In their early years, you can gently put the end of your finger within the opening of the ear canal so that they do not grow up to be completely ear-shy.

Giving a treat before and after administering the drops may work immensely well for food-motivated dogs. Still, it is effective to use encouragement and positive reinforcement as a reward. However, it may take a little longer.

Preparation is important

Before you start, become familiar with the drug instructions and then recruit a second pair of hands. It is necessary to have gentle, but appropriate, restraint.

This makes a huge difference to have someone else hold onto the neck of your dog while you bring the drops in.

When you have a dog that tries to pull away or keep his head down, it’s hard to hold him back and handle the drops on your own.

If you have found an assistant and know the instructions, collect all the supplies that you may like, such as cotton wool or a towel.

Prior to administering the drops, you might also give your dog a treat and have a treat or two ready for later.

After that, follow this step-by-step guide:

Clean the ear

You can first use a veterinary-recommended ear cleaner to remove any wax or discharge before you give your dog ear drops.

Put the ear cleaner into the ear of your dog and give a gentle massage to the region.

Since the type of infection can vary from dog to dog, it is worth talking to your vet about how much they will suggest cleaning the ears of your pet.

Dry out the ear

To dry the ear and clean out any loose wax, use cotton wool on the end of your finger, not a cotton bud. This will prevent you from mistakenly inserting too deep into the ear canal to damage the eardrum while using the cotton bud.

Insert the nozzle of the applicator into the ear and pinch

Some eardrops have nozzles longer than others, and the liquid’s thickness can also differ. To administer the recommended dose, you can pinch just enough.

If there is a long nozzle in the bottle, it can often be hard to see how much goes in. A clear sign that you’ve provided the correct amount is that after application, the lining of the ear appears sticky.

Give the ear a massage

It is a good idea to give your dog’s ear canal a light massage with your finger and thumb after you’ve put the drops in. Press his ear flap gently and put your fingers at the base of his ear to do so.

In a circular motion, shift your finger and thumb slowly and firmly, but be prepared to lighten the pressure if you find that your pet is feeling pain.

This will help the oil get straight down to the bottom of the ear canal and also interrupt some of the excess wax that the cotton wool would not have been able to penetrate.

Allow your to dog shake it off!

Your dog will most likely have a good headshake at this point, which is a natural response to the feeling of hearing something in your ear.

You should take some more cotton wool after that and clean off any extra oil from the inside of the ear flap.

Treat and reward your dog and, when his next dose of medication is due, repeat the procedure.


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