What Dog Food Brands to Avoid?

What Dog Food Brands to Avoid
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Dogs can be opportunistic when grabbing tasty treats, but not all common foods and drinks are safe for consumption.

However, how do you know what dog food brands to avoid when some meals look too appealing? First, find out which of the below-listed items are especially hazardous for your dog.

10 Dog Food to Avoid

Below are some of the mouth-watering dog foods you should keep away from your canine:

1. Kal Kan Complete Adult

On the list of what dog food brands to avoid, Kal Kan Complete Adult is one of them. Kal Kan’s main ingredient is corn, like in every other brand. Though corn is not known for its nutritional value, it can still be contaminated with harmful chemicals. 

Some of these substances may find their way into the food, leading to severe consequences for your cherished pet.

So if you’re pondering what dog food brands to avoid for your pups, Kal Kan is on the list. The ingredients in this brand are by-products.

Therefore, feeding your dog this food is risky as its ingredients are from unknown sources. The second component is rendered beef tallow, a dried product produced from calf fat.

The biological value of soy is lower than that of meat, despite having a high protein content. Kal kan is also made from soybean meal, a byproduct of soybean oil production. 

2. Gravy Train

The Gravy Train contains lamb, egg albumen, chicken, and milk. It is formulated to meet the growth of your dogs. Egg albumen is made from eggs, while milk is a natural source of calcium. Yet, there are problems with using these ingredients. 

Despite its low price, this product can cause kidney failure for your puppy. You should also know that butylated hydroxyanisole is a preservative in this product.

This chemical can damage your pet’s kidneys. So, gravy train beef chunks are not a healthy diet for them. 

3. Twin Pet Dry Dog Food

Again on, “what dog food brands to avoid” is a product with a low component that doesn’t give dogs all the nutrients their health requires.

Like other dog food brands, one of the main ingredients is corn. Unfortunately, it doesn’t easily digest and has few nutrients to give your dogs. 

Twin Pet Dog Food is a plant-based dry dog food that uses nameless and unidentified meat as its primary source of animal protein. In addition, corn, wheat gluten, chicken, rice flour, fishmeal, and starch are ingredients in this dog food

The by-products of grain processing include wheat middlings, commonly called “wheat mill runs.” On dogs, it produces many detrimental effects.

Dried meat is one of the main ingredients, and these dry diets might cause your dog’s skin to become dry, irritated, or even dehydrated. 

4. Beneful

Even though Purina manufactured Beneful, it still made the list of what dog food brands to avoid. Similarly to other brands, its ingredients include corn and soybeans.

Sadly, this product is full of artificial substances. These include harmful dyes and preservatives used in these products that dogs can’t efficiently digest. In addition, artificial flavor hides the taste, and the colorings do not come from natural sources. 

Natural protein is replaced with synthetic protein. Also, fillers such as corn, wheat, and soy can cause allergies and various skin issues in puppies.

5. Ol’ Roy Complete Nutrition Dog Food

This product is said to have all the nutrients your canines need to grow healthy and happy. Ol’ Roy comes in different flavors, with corn as its main ingredient.

Nevertheless, on the contrary, this product has raised many red flags regarding its ingredients. Due to its ingredient selection, Ol’ Roy Complete Nutrition Dog Food is included in the list of “what dog food brands to avoid.” 

Additionally, this dog food is recognized for having an exceptional shelf life, increased by preservatives. However, preservatives like citric acid have been connected to dental and digestive problems in puppies. 

6. Kibbles‘n Bits

As usual, Kibbles’n Bits’ principal ingredient is corn. Even though corn is a source of vitamins, dogs still find corn hard to digest. Other fillers like soybeans and wheat are the other main ingredients. 

The dog tends to stool after consuming a large amount of corn. This is because canines can’t break down corn like they do with barley and oats. Barley and oats are very healthy as they are known to contain vitamins.

Animal fat contains butylated hydroxyanisole, which can lead to kidney issues if consumed in large amounts. Kibbles’n Bits uses BHA to preserve this food. 

Nevertheless, if you decide to feed your pet, ensure it drinks lots of water. If you’re still wondering what dog food brands to avoid, This dog food is one of them. 

7. Purina Dog Chow

Even though Purina has been in the pet food business for decades now, they still don’t have the perfect food formula for your pets. Its main ingredients are corn, wheat, and soybeans, which are fillers that give your pets almost no nutrients.

Purina Dog Chow made the list of what dog food brands to avoid. The artificial preservatives and fillers in the formula can cause digestive problems for your dogs. 

It also contains various colors and preservatives. Unfortunately, it can also cause bowel blockage for them if not digested properly.  

8. Cesar Filets

Unlike other products, this brand has almost all the nutrients dogs need to stay healthy. In addition, Cesar Filets don’t contain any artificial ingredients. Despite this, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be worried about this dog food since it’s on the list of what dog food brands to avoid. 

Cesar filers contain a high salt level, too high for dogs, as it can cause heart and kidney problems. In addition, salt takes water from the body and causes dehydration and vomiting. 

The other ingredients are wheat gluten, which causes allergies for dogs, and wheat flour. There is also the addition of some by-products of meat. However, both the protein and carbohydrate content are above average. 

9. IAMS Dog Food

At first, you might think IAMS Dog Food is perfect for your dog. The product has chicken as its primary source of protein, but even so, it contains a large amount of cornmeal. Corn is a filler product with small nutrients for your dogs. 

IAMS Dog Food has beet pulp as a key ingredient. However, beet pulp is high in sugar content and could result in obesity. Try giving your dog grain-free food if you want a healthier alternative.

Foods without grains are typically high in fiber and lower in calories than a regular diet. Fiber helps keep your dog’s digestive system healthy. It also has laxative effects naturally.

10. Pedigree

Pedigree is not beyond using artificial flavors, fillers, and meat by-products to minimize expenses. Unfortunately, its main ingredient is corn, which demonstrates why you should be wary of this brand. 

Its popularity stems from its wide range of foods and low cost. Nevertheless, it also doesn’t satisfy the standards for healthy dog food. 


Many dog owners see their furry buddies as family and would go the extra mile to guarantee their safety. However, one of the best ways to ensure your dog is safe is to be careful of what you feed them.

If you’re yet to find out what these foods are, kindly scroll up to get the juicy details. Thankfully, some of what dog food brands to avoid are listed above. 

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