Why Do Dogs Dig?

Why Do Dogs Dig
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Digging gives dogs so much joy; it’s customary for them, and we can trace this habit back to their wolf ancestors. You probably have seen your dog or other dogs digging without understanding why. So, you must have wondered, ‘why do dogs dig?’

Dogs dig for various reasons, just as barking and sniffing. You’ll find dogs digging during summer because they need to feel relaxed. Also, some dogs dig to find prey and kill boredom.

As a dog owner, understanding why your dog digs will help you to tolerate to handle this instinctive behavior as a dog owner, so this blog post has explained why dogs dig, and we think you should read it. 

Why Do Dogs Dig?


Dogs dig to find a comfortable, cool place to lay down. If it’s a hot day out, your dog may dig up your yard to get more excellent soil and rest there. Nordic breeds are inclined to dig in the dirt to escape the heat. 


Humans have their hobbies, and so do dogs. Dogs dig the ground when they need to keep themselves busy. Also, dogs might depend on digging to relieve their boredom when they feel bored.

However, not all dogs will dig when feeling bored or restless. Many dogs could exhibit other behaviors to display stress and restlessness. And it can be an exciting activity for them, offering an escape from their current struggle.

So, if you notice that dog is constantly bored, it’s best to keep it busy by engaging it in physical exercises. This way, it might gradually reduce its digging.


Since many dogs were initially bred for hunting, it’s normal for them to dig the ground. Dogs dig to hunt for prey to feed themselves when feeling hungry. So, if you hate to see your dog digging, always provide it with sufficient food.

Even if you did not breed your dog for hunting, it might still dig the ground hunting for prey. For instance, if a rat enters your yard, it could attract your furry friend’s attention and won’t rest till it catches the rat. Also, any fascinating smell might cause your dog to start digging suddenly.

Burying Items

Dogs are natural keepers; they love to keep things valuable to them. So, if you got your dog a toy or gave them some bones, it might dig the ground to keep them until they feel ready to use or eat them.

They believe burying items will keep them safe from others. Hence, ensuring that they are the only ones who can enjoy it.


If a dog is stressed over something, it may get worked up with anxiety. Hence it digs in an attempt to escape from whatever terrifies it.

Many dogs can become destructive in the process, which can be dangerous for the dog and its owner. So, it would be best to distract it with several fun things. 


Though digging seems normal, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. Since dogs have different reasons for digging, they dig in several methods. So, as a dog owner, it’s best to watch how your dog digs. If you notice any harmful or dangerous movement, try to stop them by engaging them in other things. Thanks for reading! 

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